Equation of a love

Singapore, a luminous bubble to measure privileged people, where Lea has chosen to live, leaving Rome. You have married a successful lawyer that in the financial temple of consumption found her satisfactions of her. Even if you are stretched by a note from melancholy, the reason for you tell you that she couldn't make better choice: Vittorio is reliable, ambitious, accudid. He is a man who takes things in chest and adjust what is wrong; As when he gathered her, in the rain, a London afternoon of many years before. At the heart of Lea instead, very little to confuse: the image of an introverted boy, curved on a desk to give her repetitions of mathematics. It's called Giacomo and She Lea she never stopped thinking about him. The brightest student, the most courted professor, the passionate lover, man cowardly. Lea knows that she must stay away from him, because James can hurt her: there is a shadow in him, something that escapes her, but that she slowly devours him. When a small publishing house welcomes the novel that you wrote, Leese is forced to return to Rome, and every purpose collapses. The past with all the arrogance of her overwhelms them once again, with greater violence and danger. According to the principles of physics that Giacomo taught you, nothing can separate two quantum particles once they have come into contact. They will be linked forever, even if they proceed on different roads, unpredictable distance.

Author: Simona Sparaco

Format: Hardcover, 15 x 22 cm

Pages: 352

Publisher: Finnings publisher

Necklace: A

Year: 2016

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