He was his son

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The Ciraho family lives on the outskirts of Palermo and their life, although in a reality; Very hard, flows with relative serenitagroni; Until, during a clash between rivals, a wandering bullet strikes the small serenella to death. Although hegrave despair; incommensurable, perograms opens; A glimmer of hope for an economic change. The Nicola headfamily, requests the state of compensation to the victims of the mafia. The mirage of the inland sum pushes the family to spend the money before collecting them. Finally the sum arrives and once the debts are paid, the initial amount is ought; greatly reduced. The family must decide how to invest the remaining money and Nicola, naturally removing the demands of family members, objects its idea: a luxury car, a Mercedes, a symbol of wealth and respect ... 2012 winner of the award as best photography and best Emerging actor at the International Film Festival at the Venice Biennale.

  • IT WAS The SON (it was the child)
  • He was his son

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