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Here is the story of a agoraphobic dictator, in any country. Of those with a fairly rich subsoil because you want to take power and enough arid on the surface to go well as a frame to a fairy tale. It is here that the story of Manuel Pereira from Ponte Martins begins. A plausible name for a dictator. But then why agoraphobic?

The novel part, not randomly, to the conditional: "It would be the story of a agoraphobic dictator" that, wanting to go and live quietly in Europe and escape the horrible destiny predicting him from a sorceress, chooses a double, who in turn chooses a double , which in turn chooses a double ... Initially the same as a drop of water to the dictator, in turn similar to Rodolfo Valentino, the double suffers inadvertible but constant changes, while maintaining a slight resemblance to the original model. The people of the small state of Teresina, however, attributes the change to the wear of politics.

  • Author: Daniel Pennac
  • Bed from: Claudio Bisio
  • Format: Audio CD, 1 disk
  • Publisher: Full Color Sound
  • Necklace: Audioracconti
  • Year: 2006

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