And Live (CD + DVD)

The first live album of Emma, ​​which documents the magical evening of 7 July at the Verona Arena.

It is composed of 1 CD and a DVD that, in addition to the integral concert, includes special content: and Life, a backstage that tells the background of live in Arena, with an intimate interview with Emma; And love, which traces the duets and collaborations that have occurred in the stages of Emma Limited Edition, with David Bisbal (Arena di Verona), Alessandra Amoroso (Hydrogen Festival, Piazzola sul Brenta-Pd), Rufus Wainwright (Lucca Summer Festival) , Loredana Bertè and Antonino (Gallipoli), Fiorella Mannoia (ancient theater of Taormina). The album also contains the new single written entirely from Emma, ​​a single track registered in the studio among those contained in and live.

1. Amami
2. I will be free
3. If you are reborn
4. back
5. Chimera
6. Love is not enough for me
7. I am love for you
8. In every corner of me
9. But what life do you do
10. Forget everything
11. It is not hell
12. Will arrive
13. I was looking for love
14. Heat
15. My city
16. It still remains a little

  • Artist: Emma Marrone
  • Format: Audio CD, 1 disk
  • Format: DVD Video, 1 disk
  • Region: Region 9 / PAL
  • Duration: 130 minutes
  • Label: Universal Music Italia
  • Year: 2014

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