Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde

After the success obtained from Simona Molinari and Peter Cincotti in 2011 with the song "in search of you", arrive along with Sanremo with 2 tracks "Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde" and "Happiness". In this new album containing 11 tracks we find various participations: 3 tracks with Cincotti "Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde (of Maestro Lelo Luttazzi)," Happiness "," I can't tell you no ", 1 track" Sampa Milano "of E With Gilberto Gil, "Buonanotte Rossana" with original piano performed by Luttazzi before his disappearance. Among the other songs stand out: "As wind" "Mentimi" and "Gran Balôn". It is also present "letter" very suggestive song already contained In the previous album in a transparent version. An important album full of collaborations and awards, which say Simona Molinari as a large pop / jazz profile artist.

1. Happiness (feat. Peter Cincotti)
2. Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde (Feat. Peter Cincotti)
3. As a wind
4. Gran Balôn
6. Sampa Milano (Feat. Gilberto Gil)
7. Where the Clouds Go
8. I can't tell you NO (Feat. Peter Cincotti)
10. The mule
11. Buonanotte Rossana (Feat. Lelio Luttazzi)

  • Artist: Simona Molinari
  • Format: Audio CD, 1 discharge
  • Label: Warner Music Italia
  • Year: 2013

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