Divorce with style

While he lives, Vincenzo Melancholic seeks to understand how he thinks. That's why he cakes on everything, although no one prays to do it. Explained in analyzing problems but unable to deal with them, equipped with a useless intelligence and an autoimmune humor, he is abandoned to the philosophical divagement by illuminating us in the moment in which he makes us jump into the chair from laughing. Melancholy, in short, is the voice of him, which reduces every adventure to an infinite story, rich in lightning jokes and pretexting and sublime digressions. Pure intellect gulming. This time Vincenzo and the voice of him are struggling with two event orders: the compensation of his nose of his quasi-uncle, who in a rainy afternoon went to crash against the glass door of a tobacconist; and the cause of separation of Veronica Starace Tarallo, a very sensual wife of the famous (unlike melancholy) lawyer Ugo Maria Starace Tarallo, accused of virtual betrayal committed through messages, which tarallo (cynical, rich, unprejudiced and tear) would like to liquidate with two change . The Roses War between Veronica and Ugo will involve Vincenzo (belonging to the great family of divorced people) much, much more than expected. And a dinner with the old schoolmates, almost all divorced, will turn into an absolutely hilarious collective psychodrama. Because life is also made of recurring separations, but the style with which we separate ourselves from things, the way we leave them and resume to live, is - perhaps - the best opportunity to understand who we are. And it is not said that it is a good discovery.

  • Author: Diego De Silva
  • Format: Paperback, 13.5 x 20.2 cm
  • Pages: 382
  • Publisher: Einaudi
  • Necklace: corals
  • Year: 2017

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