Ten women. Audiobook. Audio CD MP3 format

Nine women plus one. Nine women gathered in the study of their psychotherapist tell the proportion history and the reasons why they went to therapy. Lupe, lesbian teenager, looking for one's identity between parties, sex, drugs and non-conventional passions; Luisa, a widow of a desaparecido, which for thirty years is waiting for the return of the only love of her; Andrea, a successful journalist who takes refuge in the loneliness of Atacama, the most arid desert on the planet, are some of the protagonists of this lively novel that speaks of women and feelings. Although profoundly different for Azem Social extraction and political ideology, we discover that their experiences refer to and that the true protagonist of the novel is femininity.

  • Author: Marcela Serrano
  • Bed from: Alice Redini, Elisa Marinoni, Valentina Chico, Valentina Virando, Carola Silvestrelli, Renata Palminiello, Valentina Sperli, Giusy Frallonardo, Elsa Aglandbato
  • Size: Audio CD MP3 format, 1 disk
  • Publisher: Emons Italy
  • Necklace: Feltrinelli
  • Duration: 10 hours 2 minutes
  • Year 2012

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