De Gregori Canta Bob Dylan - Love and theft

Francesco De Gregori translates and reinterprets a selection of stretching tracks of the immense repertoire of the king of all Songwriters: Bob Dylan.

A project that is not easy for the Roman Author to comply in a masterful manner, showing great respect and admiration for the work of Mr. Zimmerman.

1. a little angel like you
2. Serve someone
3. Don't tell you that it's not like that
4. Via della poverty
5. Like the day
6. Political world
7. It is not yet dark
8. Basement acid
9. A series of dreams
10. Tweedle Dun & Tweedle Dee
11. Dignity

  • Artist: Francesco De Gregori
  • Format: Audio CD. 1 disk
  • Label: Caravan
  • Year: 2015

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