From your terrace you can see my house

Candidate for the Witch 2018 award

Between two houses that see each other could be a road. Paved and safe, sometimes, but more often winding, or liquid as the sea between Italy and Albania. The way between his waves is tiring as a language to learn, going and returning, thinking something and telling another one. But they are not only the words to change, to hire new meanings in this release are the facts and the people we find on the way. Always in the middle of the ford, Elvis Malaj returns to us a few stage of this path: two worlds, two languages, between us and them, me and you. Declinations of inadequacy - By force of things - Since walking at the top of the edge you end up in staggering, and do not correspond to any definition. And so a first time will never be quite nice, or pretty much before, an approach never quite looking for, a joke never happens to the end, and a metaphor? Or too abstract or taken too much to the letter. And sometimes, to avoid the comparison, we will apologize and run away by taking advantage of an accident; Or you prefer silence right away and the accident will look. He will wear a mask to become the people we want. Because the border, fading, is among fiction and reality. "From your terrace you see my house" is the invitation to come to the other side, to go down home and go through that road. An instance of sharing and placed, of more glance, of which we feel the recall.

  • Author: Elvis Malaj
  • Format: Paperback, 12.3 x 18 cm
  • Pages: 164
  • Publisher: Tales
  • Necklace: Tales
  • Year: 2017

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