Noemi is in the competition at the 66th edition of the Festival of the Italian Song of Sanremo with the song "The bag of a woman", taken from the new album of unpublished "artist's heart".

The warm and intense voice of Noemi perfectly describes the female universe through the image of the bag, in which it is metaphorically contained all my life. In addition to all objects, every woman encloses in her bag remember, fears, feelings of guilt, dreams and defects that make it unique.

"I decided to bring this song to the Sanremo festival because I fell in love with the first listening, it has a real, direct and impact text, you can't not like it".

The text of "The bag of a woman" is by Marco Masini, the arches that give the piece almost a cinematographic breath, are instead entrusted to the direction of Celso Valli

1. The bag of a woman
2. Let me breathe from your eyes
3. Amen
4. You must be strong
5. Idealist
6. I Love You
7. While waiting for return
8. You only have to exist
9. Veronica looks at the sea

  • Artist: Noemi
  • Format: Audio CD. 1 disk
  • Label: Sony Music Italia
  • Year: 2016

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