Things to save in case of fire

Vaclav and Lena are known that they are only ten years old, and it is immediately love. Sons both Russian immigrants in America, divide dreams and difficulties. The dreams of a sparkling future - in which he will become a famous magician and her "his lovely assistant" - and the difficulties of a life in a foreign country, comforted by the affection of a present and affectionate family for Vaclav, made of abandonment And loneliness for Lena, who has never known parents and lives with a aunt who doesn't deal with her. But for the two children the important thing is to be together, until the day, terrible, in which Lena disappears from Vaclav's life without even a goodbye. Ten years later the two will meet again, to find out that nothing has changed, but the past stretches its terrible shadow on their happiness ...

  • Author: Haley Tanner
  • Format: Hardcover, 14.7 x 22 cm
  • Pages: 326
  • Publisher: Longanesi
  • Necklace: La Gaja Science
  • Translator: Silvia Piraccini
  • Year: 2011

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