Things I don't see from my window

A catalog of impossible, comic, surreal, hilarious, amazing situations told by the slim irony of Giovanna Zoboli and from the pencil of Guido Scaraborco. A book that tells the grace of the paradox all that poetically is around our lives but you don't get grab, that it seems marginal and instead it is there, under our eyes, that you don't know how to say and then you leave silence of the gaze, who stops working or being as it should, but to whom you still want a little good, or perhaps also very well: animals escaped, stolen bikes, unnamed streets, buildings never built, faces that are difficult to remember, lost items...

  • Author: Giovanna Zoboli and Guido Scarabetto
  • Format: Paperback, 20.3 x 28 cm
  • Pages: 64
  • Publisher: Topiptors
  • Necklace: crickets for the head
  • Year 2012

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