Now ita. With chilles. For elementary school. 1

Now ita is a new series of operational notebooks that, following step by step the program of each class, offers new modes, often playful, to consolidate the competences of the language area.

The exercises are proposed with graduality and address arguments of spelling, morphology and syntax. At the bottom of each page the learning objectives are indicated.

There are also numerous pages of understanding and text analysis that help the student even in the enrichment of the lexicon. The last part of each volume is dedicated to final tests for the verification of acquired knowledge and testing.

At each volume, the chilled files of 24 color pages rich in operational ideas are also supported for music, art, history and geography.

Italian entrance tests

Available for all classes that have chosen this necklace, the tests are divided by classes:
Class i
Class II
Class III
Class IV
Class V

  • Author: Maria Rosa Masini
  • Format: Paperback, 20.7 x 29.4 cm
  • Publisher: school
  • Necklace: Now ita
  • Year: 2015

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