Communists with Rolex

The new and highly anticipated J-AX and Fedez album.

The project is anticipated by the HIT from five platinum discs "I would like but not placed" and from the new single "absinthe" both produced by Takagi & Ketra. J-AX and Fedez have chosen to collaborate in this song with Stash and Levante, combining different musical realities in a totally new quartet for the first time. In this new creative phase, the two artists want to communicate their feelings and feelings, giving life to a more introspective storytelling. The result is a mix in perfect harmony, with J-Ax and Fedez in an unexpected balance between the two featuring.

Disc 1
1 absinthe
2 Communists with Rolex
3 the day and night
4 without paying
5 straw brothers
6 The whole world is outskirts
7 Milan around
8 I would like but not placed
9 Italy for me
10 cock music
11 small things
12 Nerd heart
13 years light
14 Better late than us
15 allergy

  • Artist: J-Ax, Fedez
  • Format: Audio CD, 1 disk
  • Label: Sony Music Italia
  • Year: 2017

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