Paper city

Quentin is in love with Margo Roth SpieGelman always. Among them there is a special bond since, at the age of nine, they found together in a park the body of a suicide dead boy. After years of different friendships and experiences, just before the Margo diploma reappears to the Quentin window and drag it into a full night into an unforgettable adventure. It seems the beginning of a new phase together. And instead no. The next morning Margo disappears mysteriously, as she has already done other times. Only this is different. This escape from Orlando, the city of her paper, after all the threads inside her have broken, could be the last. Reading age: for 14 years.

  • Author: John Green
  • Original title: Paper Towns
  • Format: Paperback,
  • Publisher: Rizzoli
  • Necklace: over
  • Year: 2009

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