Brave captains - the Live Deluxe Edition (3CD + DVD)

Contains: Double live CD, studio test album and DVD "Beyond the rain" (backstage of the special, official video of the single brave captain and unpublished clips).

Claudio Baglioni and Gianni Morandi Together for a special project: brave captains. A magnificent musical journey between past, present and future - embellished with executions and sounds of an extraordinary band of 21 multistrumentists. "Brave Captains - Live", was built during the unforgettable evenings in Rome.

Disc 1
1. Brave captains
2. I am here
3. The rain goes down
4. And how are you
5. If I lose you too
6. Thanks because
7. With all the love I can
8. And now advertising
9. Bananas and raspberry
10. Stonated songs
11. Saturday afternoon
12. If you were no longer you
13. I would go
14. Trays (the accordion. Only. Chimera. Beautiful love. On your knees from you)
15. This little great love
16. With you
17. Life
18. Street doing

Disc 2
1. There was a boy who loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stone
2. Girl's eyes
3. From the way
4. Variety
5. Poster
6. In love
7. Only together we will be happy
8. A world of love
9. We do not
10. I am not worthy of you
11. You will have
12. And you
13. Beautiful lady
15. A thousand days of you and me
16. One in a thousand
17. Life is now
18. Brave instrumental captains

  • Artist: Claudio Baglioni. Gianni Morandi
  • Format: Audio CD. 3 disks
  • Format: DVD. PAL. 1 disk
  • Label: Sony Music Italia
  • Year: 2016

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