Appointment at the RITZ

Christmas is upon us. Hope has recently thirty years. She profession she makes her fashion journalist. Like many her peers of her, her besides a brilliant career she dreams of meeting her love of her life of her. You want everything or nothing. But wait for the prince to the door to the door. Not always easy. Furthermore, the life of her has become pure routine for some months. But, "when you least expect it," the destiny always reserves some nice surprise. The director of her entrusted her a new job: to work a month "under cover" in one of Paris's most exclusive hotels, to catch every minimum secret. Among hilarious adventures and unusual meetings, unexpectedly for Hope will come love, the real one. Hélène Battaglia by appointment at the Ritz gives us a sentimental comedy and Paris, the romantic city par excellence, is the co-protagonist.

  • Author: Hélène Battaglia
  • Format: Hardcover: 15 x 22 cm
  • Pages: 288
  • Publisher: Dalai Editore
  • Necklace: pink pepper
  • Year 2012

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