30 Our years

In the thirty years of career the stadium returns with an album that sums up this glorious period characterized by a succession of memorable songs, great collaborations and a very special musical harmony between the band's members. The stadiums represent the confirmation that can be found; Making music even after thirty years, without ever repeating and without proving tiredness. Of course, it happens to all the artists to churn out some less beautiful albums than others, but not egrave; The case of this new job: 30 Our years, contains 3 unpublished very beautiful and twenty songs of their repertoire (some in Medley) recorded by the stadiums and from the Sanremo Festival Orchestra at the House of the CasaRoga Opera; of Sanremo. It is cosigrave; What do we discover the first single "Our years Feat. Fabrizio Moro", "Bella" written by Luca Carboni and "On the other side of the etagrave;", the three unpublished, and then all the other successes: "surprisingly" (one Hit Vera!) "Water and soap" (Amarcord par excellence), "Tell me you don't want to die" (the song for Patty Pravo, written with Vasco), "Dancing in the dark" (one of the pugrave; beautiful ballads of music Italian), "Gaetano and Giacinto", "Ask who the Beatles were" (their battle horse) and many others. It is not a real Best of, not egrave; A real live ... certainly a nice disk that speaks of love, memories, of stories that start and end, and stories that remain: just like theirs. Once of pugrave;, the stadiums are confirmed a great band capable of combining the Verve of the Live Band with the style and refinement of copyright music who knows how to renew himself in the songs hidden themes treated (always different) with the same enthusiasm and the same VivacitaGrave; Of the early years. Undoubtedly the success of the Bolognese band Egrave; also the fruit also of a comparison with the public

  • Artist: Stadium
  • Label: EMI Music Italy
  • Format: Audio CD, 1 disk
  • Year 2012

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