Sessions with My Analyst: Poems

This unexpurgated, bilingual edition of de Palchi’s first book of poems shows him to be one of the most outstanding of contemporary Italian poets.  It spans twenty-five years from his unfulfilled childhood and adolescence in Italy, tortured by Fascist and Partisans, to his confrontation with an analyst in New York.  Alfredo de Palchi has lived life – a singular life.  He has seen terror, felt brutality, known extremes of agony, lust, hate and hoy.  He is avant-garde, experimental and anti-establishment.  This is new poetry of intense personal experience; an exploration of guilt, fear, revulsion; and a powerful indictment of the animalistic behavior of which man is capable.

  • Autore: Alfredo De Palchi
  • Formato: Rilegato, 14.5 x 22 cm
  • Pagine: 192
  • Editore: October House
  • Traduttore: I. L. Salomon
  • Anno: 1970

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