111 Places in Venice That You Must Not Miss

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The other side of the Serenissima - mystical, flabbergasting, and amusing. Do you know:

- In which church an elephant once was held captive?
- Where would you find a luxury hotel inside a madhouse?
- Who lost his palazzo at a game of cards?

The Serenissima, the fair Lady, is increasingly growing to be the Disney World of the super-rich - but isn't that what she always was? A search for the traces in the heart of this enchanted "city of water", far from the madding crowd, tracking down what makes the Serenissima what she is: the cheerful, quirky, lovable, mystical; the artistic, the epicurean, the mercantile, the inexplicable and inscrutable Venice that bewitches and heartlessly repels its visitors when they start getting on the city's nerves. Venice will never be comprehensible... she is like a woman whom you love too much - she strikes you down with blindness! 111 places to go blind ....

  • Autore: Gerd Wolfgang Sievers
  • Formato: Brossura, 13.5 x 20.5 cm
  • Pagine: 240
  • Editore: Emons Italia
  • Collana: Le guide 111
  • Anno: 2015
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